Carpets and fitted carpet are recommended to be cleaned once every three months.

And if there are children and pets in your house - every 2-3 months. This is not just a measure to keep it in a neat condition. Processing your carpet with appropriate cleaning products eliminates pathogens, which extends the life of the product and reduces the risk of infection with domestic parasites (including ticks). We use professional cleaning detergents, absolutely safe for your health. 
Our extensive work experience allows us to choose right combination of detergents to remove dirt, polution and old stains. Before cleaning the carpet, we take samples of PH saturation. Why is it so important ? When analyzing PH we can tell what cleaning detergent can remove dirt and polution. After cleaning, we take samples from the carpet surface to make sure that there are no traces of chemicals left in it. 
Remember that it is not possible to remove dirt and polution yourself with a standard vacuum cleaner and even washing your carpet won't help. In addition, by choosing the wrong cleaning detergent, you can damage the product.

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