Why carpet cleaning is needed for families and pregnant mothers

Pregnancy and birth of a baby is such a wonderful time in the life of any mom. And you want everything around to please your eye with cleanliness and order. Cleanliness, as they say, is the key to health. And this is even more relevant when you are pregnant.

But even when kids grow hygiene and cleanliness becomes even more relevant. After all, little pranksters strive to spill or drop something on the carpet. And no household vacuum cleaner, unfortunately, will clean your carpet deep enough.

In the deepest layers of your carpet, at the very bottom, remains accumulated muck. In this environment, dust mites multiply or a fungus begins to grow. The latter emits toxic spores that enter the body when inhaled and can be extremely dangerous for your young children and pregnant mothers.

When cleaning carpets, we use certified, hypoallergenic chemistry and carry out surface disinfection, leaving no chance for mites and fungus to poison your life.

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